Pinsker Luxury Penthouse

Project Details

In a perfect location in historic Tel Aviv and the core of the White City, in a conservation building built about 100 years ago, the penthouse floor is now adjacent. An extremely luxurious penthouse apartment on one wide floor overlooking an urban landscape, and is a distance away

A short walk to the heart of the city and the beach. Now is the time to live the history of Tel Aviv. The building preservation project was carried out by Nitza Smok Architects.


Designed in a neoclassical style in 1925 by architect Joseph Berlin. Over the years, he was connected to the adjacent building in Edelson 2. Over the years, many residents have lived in the building, including the painter Ziona Tager, the architect Binyamin Chelanov, and David Ben-Gurion, the first Prime Minister


The construction of the penthouse floor is initiated by Bauhaus Ltd., the company initiates and builds a variety of residential projects in the demand areas of Tel Aviv. While strictly observing the historical nature of the building by the rules of the Conservation Department in the Tel Aviv Municipality

The Penthouse

Wide balconies front and back of the | Luxury standard | Advanced systems one level peripheral | Smart architectural design | Flexibility in planning and adapting the area of the penthouse apartment: 220 sqm | Roof terrace area: 221 sqm (technical specifications in the marketing brochure)

Design and Planning

For the design and interior design of the penthouse floor, Studio Gad was entrusted with the leadership of architect Gad Halperin. Alongside smart functional design, an emphasis is placed on the use of materials that integrate with the historical nature of the building, and the use of the most advanced technologies and systems.

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